More RP for medics and normal players

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More RP for medics and normal players Empty More RP for medics and normal players

Post by Shubhang on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:38 am

I suggest that
- You shud add more diseases and there shud be more chances of catching diseases
- You can make Hospital as a Biz (owned by LS-EMS' leader ;ie Me Razz ) from where ppl can buy Medicines that cure their Diseases but Swine flu and STD SHUD be cured by doctors
- Doctors shud have more works like delivering medicals goods and a route thru houses in which they must treat patients
- Ppl shud goto the /crack anim when they have 5 Hp left ,in this mode they'll lose HP faster ; after dieing in this way they'll goto Hospital and pay 500$
- You shud add a Garage behind Hospital
- You can add small medical stores that sell medicines (cash goes to Hospital biz)
- /stretcher cmd for Medics which can lift Patients and but them on a stretcher that follows the medic

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